04 novembro, 2011

Noticias da Síria...

22 de Outubro - Embaixador CS em Aleppo

"well i hope you make soon sound and safe to Syria.
I think Qamishli train to Aleppo is a good idea but i think there is only one train a day if not three or four trains a week. but you can always take the bus to Aleppo.
Hama homs and crac might not be possible at the moment because a lot of tension is talking place there now.
the rest is fine but i am not sure about Busra."

03 de Novembro - Embaixador CS em Damascu

"I will give you my advise depending on my own experience and my experience only.
In general I would advise you not to come to Syria at the moment if it's not that urgent. You don't want to be mistaken as Spy for example.
I myself don't feel safe because I pass by many security check points everyday. The other day I was about to get beaten just because I was wearing sunglasses and waiting for my bus.
10 Army cars passed by me and one of the cars almost stopped and the soldiers threatens me to remove my sunglasses or they will come down and kick my ass and break them.

I can't give you false information on how safe it is in here and how everything will be OKAY. I just can't because I don't feel safe and I don't know what might happen with you.

Choose your next destination wisely
Be safe"

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  1. Ah I met that Aleppo CS Embassador, even went to a party with him. Nice and trustable fellow. As to the guy in Damascus, well, I guess when someone can't understand a difference between being Syrian and a foreigner there is something wrong.